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Dedicated to revolutionizing education and backed by decades of experience building K-12 solutions, Longleaf Solutions, LLC has developed a powerful, easy-to-use data analysis and strategic action planning suite for education.
Website: http://www.longleafsolutions.com
The most comprehensive personalized learning solution available, BaselineEdge allows educators to seamlessly adapt instruction to individual learner strengths and needs. BaselineEdge's adaptive personalized learning solutions can pull multiple sources of data for each child from many repositories: test scores, letter grades, formative and summative assessments, behavior, attendance, social and emotional indicators which we can transform into a easily usable format with usable information so teachers can make instructional decisions about every child in front of them.
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Lightning Grader is the flagship product of The Learning Egg, LLC, a Youngstown, Ohio technology company that develops impactful, web-based applications to enhance the teaching and learning process. Lightning Grader is a web-based application that allows educators to quickly and easily create assessment tools, grade tests and immediately generate highly robust reports about student, class and school performance.
Website: http://www.lightninggrader.com
Lightning Grader
The Lightning Grader is a flexible assessment solution aimed at providing educators with insightful information about student learning. By informing instruction, teachers are better able to focus on teaching the content that needs attention. The Lightning Grader was created by teachers for teachers. That's why our goal is to keep pricing at a minimum, ensuring the maximum number of educators and ultimately students benefit from our 21st Century classroom assessment tool.
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The BLEgroup works with schools and education technology companies to support the development, marketing, and adoption of digital teaching, learning, and management products.
Website: http://www.blegroup.com
1:1 Readiness for Common Core Assessment
The BLEgroup readiness planning process for online assessment is based on the premise that the district first needs a vision of teaching and learning to address common core standards before doing technical planning for online assessment readiness. The readiness planning for online assessment is easy, but secondary to the instructional focus. If the district has a clear instructional focus for common core instruction, the readiness planning for online testing will be minimal
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1:1 Readiness Assessment and Program Management
1:1 computing is more than the device e.g. tablet or iPad. It is a constellation of factors including the device, digital instructional materials, individualized instruction, expanded infrastructure, use policies, professional development and technical support. If done correctly, 1:1 computing completely changes the teaching and learning process to individualized instruction and anytime anywhere learning. Implementing 1:1 effectively is a challenge for school systems. The BLEgroup 1:1 planning and support methodology provides school systems the experience, support and expertise needed to effectively implement all facets of 1:1 computing over the course of the lifecycle.
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Strategic Technology Assessment and Plan
The Strategic Technology Assessment and integration service evaluates the 4 interdependent elements of infrastructure, management systems, instruction, and support necessary in the digital age. Two BLEgroup experts conduct a two-day site visit including interviews, with all key stakeholders from superintendent to teachers. The outcome is a slide deck plan presented before the BLEgroup team leaves the district. It includes; A rating of the current status of instruction, infrastructure, management systems and support; a customized vision for 4 years ahead to meet the specific district needs; and an implementation plan and budget to move from the current to the target environment.
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PCS Edventures (PCSV) aims to change all of that with its innovative, hands-on STEM education products for Kindergarten through college students. The company was founded to teach 21st century STEM education concepts in a way that's supported by modern neuroscience.
Website: http://www.edventures.com
Infuse Your Classroom With STEM! This simple tub of building bricks makes hands-on learning fun and engaging for students. Demonstrate the life cycle of a butterfly by building each stage of metamorphosis, or teach probability and combinations with interactive games. Break away from the boring and bring on the bricks!
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Discover STEM Lab
Discover the 4-in-1 STEM Solution! Our in-house educators infused four modules to create the ultimate STEM enrichment tool. The Discover STEM Lab offers a wide variety of hands-on activities to keep kids engaged, and turnkey implementation to provide educators peace of mind. Each module contains 12 hands-on lessons, instructor's guide, and a huge supply of building components.
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Discover E! Kit
Inspire Tomorrow's Engineers! The Discover E! Kit is the perfect introduction to engineering using hands-on learning. Instead of reading about complex machines and systems, your students will build their own souped-up cruisers and cart launchers to master these concepts and more.
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Robotics Educator Pack
The ultimate robotics starter pack! Looking for a way to engage your students using science, technology, engineering and math concepts? Try the robotics educator pack from PCS Edventures! Each kit includes; 12 building & programming booklets, Over 800 fischertechnik building elements, The Brain robotic controller & accessories, User guide and teacher resources, The Cortex programming software, Programming reference cards, Motors, batteries, charger, and cables.
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Summer Camp Kits
Infuse Your Summer Program With STEM! Summer is the best time to present your students with an educational experience that's exciting and engaging. All of our Summer Camps include an instructor's guide, activities, supplies, and step-by-step instructions to enrich your learning environment. Subjects include physics, engineering, architecture, money management, and more!
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